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Welcome to the Hastings Paranormal Team , we are a group of dedicated Paranormal Investigators located in Historic Hastings MN.

With recent and positive changes in 2012, HPT is proud to say that we have assembled a well-rounded seasoned team with new and existing members. With this accomplishment HPT is now running at full speed and back out in the field once again doing what we do best!

HPT would like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends and family who supported us through this transition!. We are proud to co-exist with other professional teams in the paranormal field.

-The Hastings Paranormal Team


Road Trips....

The Hastings Paranormal is excited to announce our upcoming “Road Trips” for 2013. …

HPT will start out with a visit to our Local Soap Factory located at 514 Second Street in Mpls, MN on April 6th, 2013……  The location is well known for its yearly “Haunted Basement “Tours …when it’s not being toured by the public, Its being investigated by many  Paranormal  Teams behind closed doors…only to capture  the paranormal activity that exist there today!….Check out the Soap Factory at

Next stop will be the Old South Pittsburg Hospital located in Kimball TN…..On June 21st to June 23rd, 2013.. HPT will be locked in the Hospital for the entire weekend!……..the Hospital is considered by many to be the most haunted places in Tennessee… It is believed starting in the year 1778 on this property that Civil War Soldiers, Native Americans; died……... The Hospital opened its doors in 1957, quietly closing it doors in 1998…. The Old South Pittsburg Hospital is proud to be the only Para-Alternative Research Facility located in Tennessee. The Hospital sits on solid limestone and had a natural spring running underneath it.. It is believed that this acts like a natural battery to these spirits, and gives them energy to manifest and interact with Investigators…..Join the team in action thru  24/7 Ustream broadcasting access that airs around the world. (HPT will post the path as we get closer to the dates)……Check out the Hospital at


August 24th the team will embark on one more “Road Trip” to Hinckley MN….
Hinckley MN is well known for the 1894 Fire… Hinckley was a booming town logging town, with a sizeable sawmill, hotels, restaurants and more than a thousand residents….. On September 1st, 1894….a Fierce Fire broke out that destroyed a quarter of a million acres in just 4 hours. The flames were reported to be four and a half miles in the sky that produced a vortex of tornado fires,  spreading  quickly through the town!…..It was noted that  People as far as Iowa thought the fire was close by………. Many escaped to the nearby lakes such as Grindstone River and wells….. Others escaped to by boarding two crowded trains that were able to leave the threated towns....... At the end  the Official Death Toll was 418 lives, not counting the hundreds of native Americans who lived in and around the town…The town had been leveled; a barely recognizable heap of charred rubble and twisted railroad tracks, melted out of shape by the heat…..Today Hinckley is rebuilt  and has a Museum dedicated to the Fire…. Check out the Hinckley Fire Museum at


Below are two of the locations that the team was able to investigate. The first was Birch Coulee Battlefield near Morton MN. The team also visited Vicksburg Cemetery, long reported haunted by local residents. HPT also visited other sites in the area during their day in western MN. We have received many emails about our visit to Vicksburg Cemetery, and will be posting some of the messages soon.

The other was the Villisca Ax Murder House in Villisca IA. This was the teams second trip to this location and was arranged by Judy. Investigated by dozens of other teams, it is well renowned for it's ability to provide evidence of the paranormal.

Villisca Ax Murder House 2010...


News and Events..

Updated 09/17/2013


Please see our News for updates..........



Inquiries to the group...

If anyone wished to contact the group about investigations, future membership,investigations, etc, please contact us Or call us at(651) 235-9943 and leave a message.


For Hire...

The Hastings Paranormal Team is available to investigate suspected paranormal activity outdoors and indoors in residences and businesses. There is no charge for our services. If you or someone you know suspects that there may be something going on that cannot be easily explained away, feel free to contact us.

We will not release any information pertaining to any investigation that our clients do not want divulged. Our clients anonymity is held above all else in our organization.

To contact us, just click on our e-mail link and provide us with a few details, it is that easy. We will promptly answer you back. Investigations normally will occur on either Friday or Saturday nights.


Visitor Submissions....

HPT would like to thank visitors who have sent us in photos to post on our "Submissions" page. If you have a photo or a story you would like to share, please email it to us at

If you would like to have your name posted with them let us know. Or if you would like to remain anonymous, we will respect your wishes and just list "Anonymous Posting". If you wish to send pictures, please try and send all pictures in a JPG or BMP format if possible.


New...HPT Merchandise

We are proud to now offer HPT merchandise for sale. Items available are T-shirts and sweatshirts with the Hastings Paranormal Team Logo on them, also a design similar to the moon on our web page, and coffee cups with HPT logos and slogan on them. To view the items in our gallery click on the link below...


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